Corporate Citizenship
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RMA Corporate Citizenship

Integrity at the Company Level

Corporate citizenship is an important concern at RMA. The Company embraces a commitment of responsibility to employees and the people with whom we work – and to the values that shape their ways of life. An essential aspect of RMA’s culture is caring for the communities in which we operate.

Humanitarian Support

RMA helps create social and economic opportunity wherever it conducts business. We are mindful of how we manage our social footprint and the positive contribution it can make in people’s lives, and on the communities of which we are a member.

As a worldwide employer, RMA supports the rights of individuals and cares for them as neighbors. We subscribe to the concept of equal opportunity, to creating a positive work environment, and offering people the kind of training that will help them realize their full potential.

United Nations Global Compact

The Compact aligns business operations and strategies with 10 universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. RMA supports this compact and ensures that its own actions support and embrace the protections of internationally accepted human rights and rejects rights abuses.  RMA supports the elimination of discrimination in the workplace and the abolition of child labor. Read more about the UN Global Compact and its principles

Conservation Support

RMA is committed to programs of sustainability and is dedicated to the wellbeing of the environment. We will work with partners who share these same values.

Land Rover: Our Planet. RMA supports Land Rover’s Our Planet concept of sustainable manufacturing practices using fewer resources and creating less waste. Those goals include: 25% reduction in operating CO2 emissions by 2012, 25% in waste and 10% in water consumption. It is an immediate goal that every new vehicle is designed to be 95% recoverable.

The Ford Blueprint for Sustainability. RMA takes an active role in Ford Motor Company’s corporate sustainability program. This is centered on a science-based global strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It advances realistic, effective climate change solutions that can work today. It is transforming current and future product and service planning as RMA introduces new products and technologies that significantly cut fuel consumption and emissions.

ISO 14001: 2004 Accreditation assures customers and neighbors of RMA’s commitment to minimize its processes in product manufacturing that negatively affect the environment. RMA’s commitment will continuously improve the qualities of air, water and land.

RMA. A History of Corporate Citizenship

Oil Recycled: The customary removal of used engine oil in the Afghan army was simple. Dump it. RMA introduced an easy-to-manage solution that saved money and introduced the concept of reduced waste management. The oil was filtered and recycled several times, saving money and the environment.

Reducing Emissions: Looking at a challenge from new angles can result in innovative solutions. RMA and its long-time business partner, Ford Motor Company, began using wheat straw-reinforced plastic rather than 100 percent traditional petroleum products to create plastic storage bins. This change is estimated to reduce petroleum use by 20,000 pounds and CO2 emissions by 30,000 pounds per year.