Environment Policy
  • Environment Policy

RMA Environmental Responsibility

At RMA Group, we are committed to being socially and environmentally responsible, minimizing our effect on the environment and enhancing it whenever possible.

We continually challenge ourselves to reduce or offset our carbon footprint by switching away from non-renewable resources and by making more efficient use of our renewable resources.

We effectively seek out partners who share our philosophy of environmental responsibility. For example, JCB, our heavy-equipment supplier, initiated energy-saving measures in 2009 that enabled it to reduce its CO2 emissions by 7,800 tons. By 2020, JCB expects to reduce its direct greenhouse gas impact by 35%-40%.

Through partners like this, we will offer vehicles and equipment that are fuel-efficient and can run on alternative fuels like ethanol, bio diesel, electricity and hybrid technology.

Our many environmental initiatives are guided by our environmental policy.

RMA Group Environmental Policy

RMA Group will comply with all relevant environmental laws and regulations, objectives and goals dedicated to the wellbeing of the environment. It will constantly develop and improve internal systems for environmental sustainability. RMA Group of companies will encourage and participate in cooperative environmental programs with business partners and customers whenever possible.

We will mentor employees in ways to be sensitive to the value of our natural resources and the thoughtful utilization of them.

The company will be a leader in environmental responsibility through example and encourage, promote and communicate practical policies on environmental sustainability management to employees, sub-contractors, suppliers, customers and related communities.