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  • JCB Equipment Fleet

RMA Nationwide Operations

Commercial and Non-Commercial Reach Across the Country

In the commercial and private sectors, RMA Lao is a presence in developing and transition market serving clients in mining, construction, road building, telecommunications and agriculture. RMA also serves peacekeeping and humanitarian aid missions, relief agencies, government and non-government organizations.

A specialist provider of infrastructure solutions, RMA brings comprehensive product and support resources to project management for the duration of that project. RMA is known for its after-sales maintenance contracts that support the customer for the long term.

RMA Product Resources

  • Heavy equipment solutions for the construction, road building, mining and agriculture
  • Light and heavy vehicle solutions for these same industries
  • Purpose-built, specially modified vehicles for diverse and difficult conditions for aid and development projects, and humanitarian relief projects
  • Fleet management solutions for any situation, any location
  • Power generation products and systems for telecommunications, as power supply back up, for hospitals, government and other public locations, for remote population communities

RMA Service and Support Systems

  • Worldwide original parts and accessories inventories, distribution systems, and supporting logistics.
  • Mobile and project-embedded service systems, mechanical support, technical hotline access, fly-in service personnel, quick-response methodologies to be on-site with support.
  • Automotive ex-stock, parts and accessories inventories for rapid deployment to project sites.
  • General trading and procurement services for long-term, on-going project support.
  • Logistics systems and networks that reach project sites in time-critical situations with needed materials.
  • Comprehensive engineering and installation services for commercial and industrial building projects and for public utility power substations: These include design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning entire project elements.

RMA Strategic Partners are the Worldwide Leaders in their Industries

Ford Motor Company, Land Rover, JCB, John Deere, Shantui, TCM, Foton, Fuso, Kohler.

RMA is on the Ground, In-market, with Conviction. Countrywide.

Behind the hardware, the inventories, the logistics and systems is a corps of professional, highly motivated, dedicated people committed to RMA customers, their projects, and ultimately, their success.