RMA Leasing & Insurance Solutions

Finance Lease: RMA Group leads the market with industry-leading finance leasing solutions. This leadership strength allows for customized financial solutions to specific project needs, with favorable terms. Devco Capital, a subsidiary of RMA Group, concentrates on making business more advantageous for customers who demand the maximum return on their investment. RMA can offer Total Vehicle and Infrastructure Financing Solutions utilizing its capital strength. This can significantly help Aid & Development groups, Missions, Government agencies and NGOs in challenging markets to maximize budgets and put valuable resources to immediate project benefit.

RMA Leasing Solution Advantages

  • Medium to long term finance leasing is available for vehicle and equipment fleets
  • Leasing is commonly being sought after by fleet organizations and commercial development projects
  • RMA offers flexibility with a range of tailored and customized finance leasing arrangements

RMA Leasing Benefits

  • Improves cash flow management for expansion of operations
  • Low capital outlay
  • Preserves working capital
  • Easily combined with service, repair and maintenance contracts

RMA Group Insurance: Global Protection In Low and High-Risk Markets

Commercial vehicles and equipment represent a huge investment when operating a fleet. To protect these assets, RMA Group offers a comprehensive worldwide insurance policy in conjunction with Clements International:

  • WorldAuto Program Policy Advantage
  • Borderless coverage
  • Worldwide accident territory
  • Broad Political Violence Extension with very competitive rates compared to open market Political Risks rates
  • Fast and efficient claims payment: 5-7 business days
  • One fixed policy rate for all countries thereby providing competitive advantage for higher risk countries
  • All locations can be covered under one blanket policy, increasing administrative efficiency
  • Flexibility in structuring of policy to suit client’s unique requirements